quality nutritionChinese Dietary Therapy is similar to Herbal Medicine in that it assigns specific actions to individual foods and therapeutic qualities.  Food is our fist line of defense against disease but is rarely thought of as medicine in American Society.  In contrast,  the power of food in regards to our health has been a long studied tradition in Asian Medicine.  “First treat with Diet,”  is one of our most basic concepts.  Western Medicine takes food into very little account when assessing disease. Every Medical Evaluation includes a dietary assessment and food recommendations. 

Red Dragon takes dietary therapy very seriously and continously educates his patients as well as himself on the impact our diet has on our health.  An accomplished cook himself, Keith prides himself on teaching his patients how to enjoy healthy eating.  Good food has to taste good, Red Dragon can show you how to make that happen!!

Keep a look out on our events page for cooking, weight loss and diabetic management/reversal classes!!

A Word on Supplementation…
Food is Foremost!!  However, sadly it doesn’t always pack the punch it used to for two main reasons.  First of all…Soil Qaulity!  It’s just not what is used to be and the nutritional value of our food suffers, add pesticides and chemicals on top of that and now we really have a problem.  Can you say Organic?!  Secondly, our digestion has suffered the price of processed foods, stressful eating situations and sedentary lifestyles.  It’s just not the magnificent machine is used to be.  Those being considered we often have to turn to supplements to truly get what we need into our bodies.  

Red Dragon uses quality supplements and vitamins that are in the correct form to be absorbed by the body and as close to nature as possible.  Keith has spent years researching the best products.  Because the supplement world is akin to a jungle full of snakes!!  Red Dragon has you covered on that Safari!!