Tui Na Massage

AcupunctureAsian Body Work Massage

Asian Body work, or “Tui Na” in Chinese, is a specific form of therapeutic massage designed to work with the same principles and meridian system used in Acupuncture Therapy.  Techniques such as Acupressure, kneading, rolling, stretching and myo-fascial release are applied during the treatment, relaxing muscles, lubricating joints and restoring proper flow of Qi to the meridians.  You may also be guided into proper breathing patterns enhancing your state of relaxation and helping to resolve blockages in movement of your Qi.  Combining meridian theory with manual therapy allows the practitioner to treat muscle aches and pains as well as internal and emotional disorders. 

Tui Na is often used in conjunction with Acupuncture Therapy.  Keith uses a very special acupuncture technique needling, areas that are not the site of injury/pain, enabling him to do massage and range of motion exercises while the patient is being needled.  Treatments done in this manner provide quick and significant relief.

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