Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal MedicationChinese Herbal Medicine dates back thousands of years and consists of over 300 individual herbs  and 200 traditional formulas.  Each individual herb is catergorized by it’s therapeutic effects on the body.  Herbal Formulas are constructed from several individual herbs to correct various imbalances within the body in order to restore proper physiological function. Once these imbalances are corrected the body is able to heal itself on it’s own.  Our Herbalist, Keith Garofalo LAc, has over 3000 hours in training in applying Chinese Herbal Medicine and  years of clinical experience treating patients for numerous disorders.

Red Dragon utilizes only the finest quality herbal supplements, purchasing only from companies following GMP practices and FDA guidelines.  All batches are inspected and certified contiminant free. 

Herbal Therapy is far safer than pharmaceuticals.  Additionally, Chinese Herbal therapy treats the root cause of the disorder rather than just masking the symptoms.  Western drug therapies always come with side effects and we have just accepted that as normal, it is not!  Historically, doctors who prescribed medicine that harmed their patients lost their ability to practice medicine, or sometimes worse (like their heads). All medicine should heal, not harm.  Chinese Medicine does just that!!

Red Dragon individually formulates Herbal Therapy regimes specific to each patients personal needs.   Formulas are available in multiple forms, teas, tablets, tinctures and even mixed into food.  Like, we’ve been saying…Red Dragon caters to you!

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