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Tai Chi is an unmatched mind-body method of exercise to gain better health, reduce stress, increase strength, balance, flexibility, and reduce pain. It is also known to treat and preventing many common health problems today. Often described as “medication in motion”, there are many forms & methods of Tai Chi practice all focusing on linking slow, graceful movements with breathing, while moving around in a form or standing in place. Our Tai Chi classes are designed to fit and cater to all levels of fitness and experience, so anyone can get started. No matter where your current physical capabilities lie, all can find benefit from the practice of Tai Chi.

What: Tai Chi and Qi Gong series that will take students from the very basics of Tai Chi movements and gradually teach them to link these movements together in a graceful way to perform the first beginner form.  In the process of learning these basics students will become more flexible, stronger, achieve greater endurance, relief body aches and pains and will have a greater sense of well-being throughout their daily activities.

Who: All levels are accepted but this is a beginner class and will prepare students for the intermediate level series.

Where: The Complete Experience, 3801 Blue River Ave, Racine, WI

When: TBD

How: TBD

Cost: TBD

Instructor: Keith Garofalo L.Ac. MSOM

Why: I’ve heard many people say they want to try Tai Chi.  You just can’t do that in one class.  That’s like saying putting on a pair of skis at the shop is trying snow-skiing.  This is how you “try” tai chi.  You have to put some time and effort into it to reap the benefits.  Here is your chance to do just that.  This series will give each and every student the skills they need to make Tai Chi a life-long practice.  A life-long practice that promotes long-life, long-healthy-happy-life!!!

About Your Instructor: Keith has been training in traditional Martial Arts for 30 years, beginning his studies when he was 8 years old. Keith has trained with some of the most well accomplished Masters of Martial Arts and has traveled overseas to Asia numerous times to enhance his training.  Before going to school for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Keith owned a Martial Arts Dojang in Madison, WI and has over 20 years of teaching experience. In addition to teaching Traditional Korean Martial Arts, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong Keith has also run Woman’s Self Defense Seminars all over the Midwest.

Keith began training in Tai Chi when he was in his early 20’s because of problems with an auto-immune condition that caused debilitating arthritis.  Keith has since completely recovered from his condition due to regular Tai Chi practice, acupuncture and a healthy lifestyle.  You can be assured that Keith takes his practice of Tai Chi and its instruction very seriously while still making it extremely fun to learn.


Past Class Curriculums:

Ba Dua Jin – Eight Silken Movements

  1. Two Hands Propping the Sky
  2. Warrior Draws the Bow
  3. Single Hand Propping the Sky
  4. Dragon Looks for it’s Tail
  5. Dragon Swings it’s Tail
  6. Bringing the Stars Down to Earth
  7. Punching with a Warriors Gaze
  8. Bouncing on the Toes (Settling the Spirit)

Practice Exercises

Qi Gong – Balancing the 5 Elements (stationary & moving)

Parting the Horses Mane (8 directions)

Form I (12 Movements)

Clear & Root Into Earth

  1. Pass the Ball
  2. Open & Close Hands
  3. Push & Swing the Whip
  4. Hands Passing through Clouds
  5. Open & Close Hands
  6. Hands Reaching to Heavens
  7. Brush the Knee
  8. Play the Lute
  9. Gliding Hands
  10. Warriors Fist
  11. Move the Mountain
  12. Open & Close Hands

Clear and set the Qi


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