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About Our Clinic

Philosophy: We treat the person, not the disease.

Red Dragon Acupuncture & Wellness Center  takes a heart-felt approach to health care. The Dragon’s mission is to provide the most comprehensive care available.  Every person that comes through the door is an individual with his or her own specific needs and is given a uniquely designed treatment plan catered specifically for his or her particular imbalance.

Services Provided:

Acupuncture  •  Chinese Herbs  •  Tui Na Massage  •  Nutritional Counseling   Rehabilitation Therapy •  Neuro-muscular Re-edcucation •  Tai Chi •  Medical Qi Gong Self-Defense/Martial Arts  • Meditation • Fitness • Weight Loss  Cooking Classes  •  Smoking/Drug Withdrawl

Conditions Treated:

Allergies,  Arthritis,  Asthma,  Auto-Immune Disorders,  Blood Pressure,  Cardiovascluar Disease,  Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain,  Chrohn’s & IBS,  Colds,  Cough and Flu,  Depression/Anxiety,  Diabetes,  Emotional & Sleep Disorders,  Fibromyalgia, Gastro-intestinal disorders, Headaches,  Musculo-skeletal Disorders,  Nausea,  Psoriasis, Eczema,  Smoking Withdrawl,  Stress,  Vertigo,  Weight Loss, Wellness/Healing…and Much More!!


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